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Empowering You to Discover Your Musical Voice

Have you ever asked yourself:


  • “I really want to learn an instrument, but my life is so busy and I barely have enough time to myself. How can I even begin learning an instrument?”

  • “I’ve never learned anything about music before. Is it too late to learn how to play the flute?”

  • “I’ve tried to learn how to play the flute before, but I just couldn’t keep myself motivated enough to practice regularly. How can I keep myself motivated?”

  • “I had a previous flute teacher, but I felt like they didn’t understand me and my musical goals. How can you help me?”


If you have, then I can help you!


It is my goal to help you discover your own musical voice and share your love of music to your community. 


If you’re a brand new beginner and not sure about taking lessons just yet, I’ve created a free video series teaching you the very basics of how to play the flute and how to read music. View them below, or alternatively you can click here to access them on my YouTube channel.


If you’re still not quite ready for lessons, I offer 1 free 15 minute consultation call, so we can discuss your musical goals and interests and see if lessons with me will benefit you best. 


Then when you’re ready for lessons, I provide private 1-on-1 lessons online through Skype or Zoom. In-home lessons are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Lessons lengths can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. Please contact me for more information on a free trial lesson.